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The first car ever sold in the UK, a Lexus SUV, sold in 2013 for £11.6m.

It was the first time that a luxury car sold for more than its price tag.

That car is now in the hands of a private collector.

In the US, Ford Motor Co bought the first ever production Ford Fusion in 2009 for $18.9m.

Now the car is going on display at a museum.

But the US has a problem.

The first generation Ford Fusion had a price tag of $42.6 million in 2010.

That was a big jump from $11.4m in 2012.

Ford’s share price then soared to $54.50 per share by the end of 2015.

The US is still in recession and that means there is little room for the new car maker to make more money, analysts say.

What’s next?

The new car industry is in a boom, and many people think it’s inevitable that the first car of its kind will sell.

It’s not.

The luxury car market is still relatively young, and car makers like Mercedes-Benz and BMW are not building cars that can compete with each other.

The most successful luxury car makers are not in the US or Europe.

Toyota is the biggest of them, but it doesn’t make the most expensive cars, and it is unlikely to build any new models.

In Japan, Toyota Motor Corp and Honda Motor Co are building new models, but none will hit the market until 2020.

That’s when the government plans to launch an overhaul of the luxury car sector, including the introduction of a luxury tax, which will bring down prices for luxury cars.

It has not said when the tax will be implemented, but experts predict it will take time.

Ford has been working on a new model, the Xterra, for more then a decade, but that car will not be launched until 2021.

The Japanese government is also working on revamping the luxury tax system, with a target to have it in place by 2020.

However, analysts are worried that the luxury market will take longer than anticipated.

“In the US we have an economy that is much stronger than in Japan,” says John O’Connor, head of retail research at Autocar.

“There is no question the luxury economy will grow in Japan but that is still a long way from being competitive.”

In the UK the first generation of luxury cars are almost completely sold overseas.

Toyota, for example, makes a range of cars in the Middle East, including a luxury version of the Corolla.

It also makes cars in China and sells cars in Brazil.

“The US is the big market for luxury in Europe, the Middle Eastern region and Australia,” says O’Connell.

That’s a major challenge for the luxury industry.”