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Posted October 11, 2018 07:11:11For many, the first car they ever bought was a black-and-white BMW M1 or M3, but for others, it may have been a BMW M6 or M8.

So what’s the best new BMW for you?

It’s not easy, because of the differences between the different versions, but we’re going to focus on the best models that come with the latest software updates and upgrades.

If you’ve ever driven an M3 or M6 before, you know how much fun it is to get behind the wheel and see how the car handles, how the steering is handled, and so on.

But with the new M cars, the car really does get a whole new dimension: it has all the latest safety features, so that you can be in a safer, more secure, and more enjoyable driving position.

And, the M3 is definitely one of the best in the class, because it’s got an interior that’s also pretty comfortable.

But for all of those things, the new car comes with some new software updates that are aimed at giving the car more fun and responsiveness.

So, if you’re looking for an M7 or M7 Plus, the best model will likely be the new 5 Series, which features a lot of the latest features.

It comes with the newest driver assistance features, too, which means that you get more grip, smoother driving, and less oversteer.

Plus, it comes with new adaptive cruise control, which makes the car feel more stable, especially if you have a lot on your mind like a trip to the mall.

And that all comes at a price.

As you can see from the photos, the standard BMW 5 Series is a bit more expensive than the 5 Series SE, but you can get it for a bit less with the 7 Series.

Also, the 7-Series is still one of our favorites because it has the best driver assistance systems, including the driver assist assist system with blind spot monitoring and blind zone warning, lane departure warning, and lane change warning.

And then, of course, there’s the upgraded version of the M5, which is equipped with the best features of the new version of M: all-wheel drive, adaptive cruise, and adaptive suspension.

So, which model is your favorite for you, and why?

Let us know in the comments.