Elite model management is booming September 28, 2021 September 28, 2021 admin

In this article Elite model managers are now one of the most lucrative jobs in the entertainment industry, earning a combined average of $200 million per year, according to new research from KPMG.

The study, which looks at the performance of the top 50 models in the industry, found that the average model earned a total of $2.4 million per month, or an average of almost $3 million per day.

That compares to an average annual salary of $1.7 million in the US.

The findings were released in a report by KPMg on the performance and success of model managers.KPMg said there were more than 10,000 model managers working in the United States, with the average salary of modelers in the top 1% earning $1 million per calendar year.

“The average modeler earns an annual salary well above the US average, at $1,600,000.

This is about one-quarter the US median,” the report said.”

There is a clear gap between modelers who are able to keep their jobs and those who are not.”

The report also said that modelling is the fastest growing career in the film and television industry, and the number of models working in Hollywood is expected to rise to more than 50,000 by 2020.

However, KPMs report said modelling was often dominated by the most attractive and well-paid models.

“It is the model who commands the attention and has the biggest impact on how other models are viewed,” KPM said.

It also found that modelling was increasingly driven by a narrow, elite set of models.

“The vast majority of models in Hollywood are of a low-end, middle-class or upper-middle-class appearance.

However, the number and diversity of models have increased dramatically over the last decade,” it said.

The KPM’s report also showed that a recent survey of Hollywood model managers found that only 16% of them said they were attracted to modeling work because of its pay.

“Model managers must be prepared to work long hours, often at a stressful and often stressful level, and they often do so in the company of people who are often uncomfortable with their work,” the KPM report said, adding that models were often asked to be quiet and “take the lead”.

“There are also very few women who are models.

While models are generally expected to be sexually attractive, the reality is that the industry has little support for women who wish to become model managers,” the agency said.